A Brief and Charming Argument Between The Dressmaker Stars Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth

Winslet: We met in that hotel, didn’t we? That strange hotel. Do you remember that? You’d really just arrived after doing your press [for another film], and we met before we shot that first scene. Do you remember?

Hemsworth: I thought I met you on set.

Winslet: No, we met the night before.


Winslet: Yeah. Remember, we had that strange sitting-around-the-table thing with Jocelyn? That weird room?

Hemsworth: Oh, like, out in …?

Winslet: Yeah, out in the middle of nowhere.

Hemsworth: That was a couple weeks in, wasn’t it? It was! Because the first day was before we went out to that place.

Winslet: No, it wasn’t.

Hemsworth: It was!

Winslet: No, it wasn’t.

Hemsworth: It 100 percent was.

Winslet: It fucking wasn’t!

Hemsworth: It fucking was.

Winslet: No! Because … no.

Hemsworth: Yes. I remember coming in, and you were shooting the scene where you’re yelling at the teacher, right before I pin you up against the wall. I remember watching it on the monitors. And somebody was like, “Come and meet Kate.” And I came around the side, and I was like, “Kate, hi, nice to meet you.”

Winslet: Are you sure?

Hemsworth: 100 percent.

Winslet: We met the night before.

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