Do We Really Have Free Will? Westworld Cosplay for the Existentially Panicked

The Man In Black

Is he a bad guy? Is he a good guy? Is morality just a construct designed to distract us from the utter meaninglessness of our actions and, subsequently, our entire lives? Have humans been trying to prescribe a set of concrete ethics since the beginning of time for no other reason than the knowledge that, absent any rules to follow, society would devolve into chaos, and even that chaos in and of itself would be meaningless, because chaos is subjective, and subjectivity is a quality of conscious experience, and we can’t prove that we’re actually conscious (see: paragraph one)?

Here is a cool, authentic Western hat from Zappos for $39. Wear it on “your” “head” when you “go” to “work.” Slap on this black Vest and Ascot For Formal Occasions from Etsy for $25.99, then tie a li’l Target infinity scarf around your neck so you don’t get “cold” on the “walk.”

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