Your Fall Fashion Guide, The Burning Man Edition

This past weekend, millions of students hit the strip malls of suburbia to purchase multitudinous three-ring binders, painstakingly fill them with reinforced graph paper, and cry quietly in the shower. Also this past weekend, dozens of Hollywood’s most confused constituents hit the deserts of Nevada to get fucked up and radically express themselves via Instagram. Taken at face value, these two events have nothing in common; in fact, the latter appears to openly mock the former both in form and content.

But look deeper — like a Burning Man might — and a paradigm-shifting parallel emerges. I’m talking about fashion, not drugs, but yes, also drugs. You see, the skull-splitting lewks debuted at Burning Man this weekend are ideal, if not platonically, for back-to-school style. So stick a peyote plant in your lunchbox and join me as I break down Burning Man fashion for the scholastic set.

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