Gaby Hoffmann on Transparent and Refusing to “Doll Herself Up”

“I often use the word ‘magical’ to talk about what it feels like on set. We all felt it the first time we were together in the same room, and it felt so weird. It was beyond, ‘Oh, yeah, I’ve known you for years.’ It was a deep, psychic, spiritual connection. We often describe Jill as the sorcerer or the witch, the witchy mama, who somehow knew to bring us all together.

Jill talks about directing from the pussy, directing with a feminist thrust, and what that really means practically for us is that it’s not an ego-driven environment at all. There’s an incredible amount of freedom and openness and play. Every scene is on the table to collaborate on, to pick apart, to try a million different ways. Usually what ends up occurring in the end is something that no single person knew would happen or had planned for. Believe me, when we get to set, we’re given really incredible stuff. The writing is impeccable. But it’s like, ‘What else is in here? Let’s see what else we can find.’ And often the entire tenor of the scene will shift because we have found something else that nobody really knew was there. “

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