An Infinity Scarf As A Shirt, or How To Adopt Christina Aguilera’s VMAs Outfits for the Workplace

This is it: The apotheosis of Christina Aguilera’s VMA fashion. The outfit that dared challenge the blindly accepted notions of “scarf” and “skirt” and, subsequently, the notion of reality itself. What is scarf? What is skirt? What is breast? What is gravity? What is the Matrix?

You might think, “There is no way to translate this into office attire.” And you’d be right. Quit your job. Buy this $19.99 infinity scarf from J. Jill. Tie it around your breasts. Stand up to working-class subordination and the dominant ideology. Reject hegemony. Unindoctrinate yourself from the false consciousness. Buy that one Trainspotting poster. Tattoo Karl Marx’s face on your face. It is only after you lose everything that you are free to do anything. I am Christina Aguilera’s Infinity Scarf Shirt.

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