Do Bella and Gigi Hadid Hate Each Other, Or Are They Just Sisters?

Gigi and Bella Hadid have built a painstakingly constructed family brand centered on the idea that they are look-alike sister-models who do not care that the other is also a model in an industry that treats female bodies like commodities and thrives on pitting women against one another, they’re just so supportive of each other’s modeling, everything is fine, it’s fine, haha. However, a recent piece on the two, which masquerades as benign filler content, suggests something far more sinister: the distinct possibility that Gigi and Bella Hadid both regularly rob one another and fucking hate each other, and neither will rest until her sister wills the arrival of her own death from within the rubber walls of a mental institution.

People‘s Jillian Ruffo kicks off the piece with this grim headline: “Bella Hadid Accuses Gigi of Stealing from Her Closet, But Gigi Says She ‘Wouldn’t Take Her Things.'” Ruffo then pulls from recent Hadid sister interviews with Elle and People Style to make her startling point, which is that Bella and Gigi have given starkly conflicting — and extremely passive-aggressive — accounts of their relationship to each other’s closets.

Bella, the younger and more visually aggressive Hadid, “claims that Gigi is a repeat offender” who “never tells me she’s taking anything.” She elaborates: “I show up at her apartment and there’s, like, a random t-shirt or a hoodie or something lying around, and it’s mine. And Gigi did not ask me if she could take it! She’s sneaking off with my stuff.”

To be clear, Bella Hadid is accusing Gigi Hadid of multiple instances of grand larceny.

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