Game of Thrones Recap: Arya was Blind, But Now She Sees

Jon’s soon summoned from his social-media coma so that he might hang the men who recently stabbed him to death. He asks for their last words. One, whose name I can only imagine is Fledbay, decides to go with, “You shouldn’t be alive.” Jon’s reply: “Neither was killing me.” Welp, time to switch over to meth. Another guy — Smallfledbay — asks Jon to notify his mother re: his passing. That’ll be the day, Smallfledbay. Thorne is like, “I stand by what I did.” Ollie is too proud to beg. All of them hang in a graphic, lengthy sequence that lingers on their purple, bloated faces. Brave, stunning, elegant, restrained.

Jon, who is very clearly feeling conflicted about all of this hanging, walks up to Edd and hands him his Forever 21 fur coat. Until this moment, I did not realize this coat was an indicator of status; I thought it was a very interesting sort of high/low fashion statement. “What do you want me to do with this?” asks a confused Edd.

It’s been more than 30 days, though, so Edd, you should probably just burn it. Or just stand there like that, holding that H&M faux-fur like a carcass. Jon tells Edd that he now has Castle Black, and storms off in his little leather outfit. “My watch has ended!!!” he yells. He shotguns a PBR, then throws a little of it up, but nobody sees.

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