Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Divorce, Carrie Bradshaw, and Her Incredible Instagram

“I think it’s my responsibility to remind people that, while Carrie and I look alike, we are very different people. And I think it is — I’m gonna be bold and finally say, once for all — a tribute to my acting. I’m actually not even being funny. I worked very hard. And though there was sometimes a sensibility that was soufflé-like, there was also deep and painful and complicated and hard scenes, both on the series and in the movies, that required an enormous amount of skill. I think the familiarity and the ease with which it might have come across would suggest that I wasn’t acting. But I was! And it was a character I loved. It was a completely different life. So for 7, 10, 11, 12 years, I spent more time playing a person I was not than the person I am. That’s an enormous opportunity. And I loved it. Because of all the colors, because of the lifespan.”

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