What @Hiddleswifties, the Leading Expert on Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, Can Teach Us About Life

The Hiddleswift union appears, on its face, to be a paper-thin publicity stunt, a transparent and desperate attempt to promote both stars’ future projects and propel them to Jay-and-Bey heights. Dozens of think pieces have been written on Taylor and Tom’s alleged deception, speculating about whether the two are filming a very long and expensive music video or whether Taylor Swift is obfuscating the fact that she is getting it with Karlie Kloss. Taylor Swift’s face does not help to dispel these notions. In nine out of 10 @hiddleswifties photos, Taylor is smiling the sort of smile one affects when one has just successfully hidden a hock of ham beneath their sweater, or murdered a vagrant for sport. But rather than hypothesize or condemn, @hiddleswifties offers another perspective on Taylor’s shit-eating grin: “I think she looks happy.” The person who runs @hiddleswifties is not afraid to counter prevailing opinion, to challenge the very notion upon which popular culture has rested for the past 27 days.

What else might we question and discover if we, like @hiddleswifties, were not afraid?

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