20 Movies on Netflix That’ll Help You Make (or Break) Your Basic New Year’s Resolutions

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: Can’t stop robbing trains? Neither can Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) and the Sundance Kid (Robert Redford), two unnaturally attractive outlaws who get all arrogant about a well-done train robbery and cock it all up by going for round two (there’s that white-boy hubris again). When they’re nearly apprehended in America, they hightail it over to Bolivia, where they — you guessed it — begin indiscriminately robbing trains again. This goes about as well as you’d expect, which is to say very well and then horribly. As such, Butch Cassidy is the perfect film to watch if you’re struggling with holding on to your “no more train-robbing” resolution.

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